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What Happens if a Pinched Nerve Goes Untreated?

Often, we encounter many patients asking whether Knee Chest Chiropractic can help with a compressed or pinched nerve. With the several incapacitating effects of a pinched nerve, it’s no wonder many people feel desperate to tap into the most promising relief options they can find.  Dr. Melissa, our pinched nerve chiropractor in Oakland CA, would […]

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How to Distinguish Headaches from Migraines

With patients using headaches and migraines interchangeably, it’s pretty obvious why many find them hard to tell apart from one another. However, it’s no secret that pinpointing what you specifically have plays a part in finding the best remedy for your case. For example, can a migraine chiropractor in Oakland CA help? Should you stick […]

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Smoking and Other Low Back Pain Triggers

Did you know that low back pain can stem from all kinds of triggers? Some of these factors, such as obesity, sedentary lifestyle, and chronic stress, are obvious causes of low back pain. Many of the patients coming in to seek Oakland CA chiropractic in our office report these triggers. But, unknown to most people, […]

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Is My Shoulder Pain Caused by A Pinched Nerve?

Dealing with shoulder pain daily can heavily impact your productivity. How can you focus on your tasks when all you feel is this lingering, tingling pain that can make anyone’s day worse? This experience leaves you to wonder, “What causes my shoulder pain?” Anyone can develop shoulder pain for various reasons, and a pinched nerve […]

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A Stage by Stage View Of Migraine Symptoms

Many of the patients looking for migraine relief in Oakland CA have varying experiences of this condition. However, most of them complain about the severe, throbbing pain in one side of their heads, which is a typical symptom of migraines.  Most of our migraine patients are not aware of the other aspects connected to migraines. […]

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Differentiating the 3 Types of Lower Back Pain

Waking up with unbearable back pain is frustrating, and you are not alone in this experience. Believe it or not, roughly 8 in 10 of the U.S. overall population will feel pain in the lower back at least one point in their lives. As a practice offering Oakland CA lower back pain relief, we’ve handled […]

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Can a Pinched Nerve Be the Reason Behind Neck Pain?

Waking up every day to a painful neck can be quite a troublesome experience. It can leave you frustrated as you have to deal with the limited movement that your head and upper body can do. But why do you have a painful neck in the first place? Why does the pain keep coming back […]

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Migraine Hangovers and How You Can Experience Relief

Did you know that a migraine attack has four distinct phases? One of these stages is the migraine hangover or postdrome. While not everyone experiences it, a migraine hangover can cause an equally disabling impact that can stretch out for up several days after the headache stage. So, how does it work, and how can […]

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Answers to 10 FAQs of Sciatica Patients in Oakland, CA

As a specific chiropractor providing sciatica relief in Oakland, CA, Dr. Melissa Crago has had many patients asking questions about their condition. After all, dealing with sciatica comes a bit tricky sometimes as it is often a misunderstood health problem. If you’re one of the thousands of people suffering from sciatica symptoms, our list of […]

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