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Did you know that a migraine attack has four distinct phases? One of these stages is the migraine hangover or postdrome. While not everyone experiences it, a migraine hangover can cause an equally disabling impact that can stretch out for up several days after the headache stage. So, how does it work, and how can you find relief? Can the best chiropractor in Oakland help? Get all your questions answered in our discussion below. 

Migraines Have Four Phases

Millions of Americans suffer from migraine attacks. The latest statistics report that around 25 percent of the total population experiences migraines. Some report severe symptoms, while others say that their episodes feel reasonably mild. 

If you frequently have migraines, you may already be familiar with symptoms such as pulsating or throbbing pain on a specific side of your head, nausea, vomiting, and aura. 

Additionally, by now, you might have also noticed a specific pattern of your attack. Like for instance, you might distinguish the four migraines stages, namely, the prodrome, aura, headache, and hangover.  

Each phase has a distinctive feature. Moreover, each stage has varying durations, depending on your overall health and your attack patterns. 

Many people looking for relief from the best chiropractor in Oakland focus their attention on the headache phase as it’s the most disruptive among the four.  However, that doesn’t mean that you should forget about the other three. The better you understand all four stages, the more effective management techniques you can find. 

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Migraine Hangover – Quick Facts 

Among the different migraine stages, the postdrome is the least discussed. That’s mainly because people strongly associate migraines with headaches.

Do take note that migraine, is in fact, a complex neurological disorder. Hence, it’s not uncommon to experience more than one symptom every time an episode begins. 

As for the last phase, you might be able to distinguish it by observing any of the following signs: 

These typically follow the pulsating or throbbing pain in your head. Sometimes they can appear right after the headache. However, some patients note that they experience migraine hangover symptoms two days after the pain finally subsides.

Remedies You Can Try to Manage Migraines

Due to a migraine episode's innate complexity, finding an effective remedy seems a bit elusive for some folks. For example, pain relievers like NSAIDs can have different effects on migraineurs. Some report no relief from their migraines, while others feel a bit better after receiving a dose. 

Besides pain killers, many chronic migraineurs also take advantage of naturopathic healing. For example, some try going to the best chiropractor in Oakland or exploring massage therapy. Many also find promising results by making simple adjustments to their routine such as:

Avoiding starvation

Failing to eat on time or skipping meals altogether is terrible news for anyone who struggles with frequent bouts of migraines. It affects blood sugar levels and brain activity. 

Ensuring you sleep well at night

Half of the population who have chronic migraines claim that they experience worse attacks after a sleepless night. If you’re not getting enough restorative sleep, it’s high time for you to do something about it. You can try some sleep management tactics like avoiding long naps during daytime and staying away from your gadget before your scheduled sleeping time. 

Avoiding trigger food 

Take note of migraine trigger foods like hams, aged cheese, dairy products, and wheat. We also recommend staying away from products or food items you’re sensitive to, as they can trigger inflammation.

Managing your stress levels 

Stress can stem from various things, including emotional turmoil, hectic work schedules, traumatic events, and sudden lifestyle changes. If you’re frequently stressed out, you more likely to suffer from a bad migraine attack. We suggest finding better stress management tactics to use like finding a new hobby or trying meditation and mindfulness exercises. 

Migraines and Spine: Tracing the Link

Throughout the discussion, we mentioned that many patients nowadays come into specific chiropractors practices seeking help for their migraines. A good explanation for that would be the strong connection between migraines and spinal alignment. 

In the previous section, we listed neck pain or stiffness as a common sign of migraine hangover. It likely happens because the bones of the spine have slipped from their original alignment. This often results in muscle stiffness as well as irritation of the nerves and the brainstem. 

If you previously suffered from a significant injury due to a car collision, physical abuse, overextension of the neck, or contact sports, you might have a spinal misalignment. It can also occur if you maintain a bad sitting posture when you work long hours in the office or home. 

Unknowingly, this might be causing or aggravating your migraine episodes. The bones might be pressing on your brainstem and nerves, disrupting their normal function and causing confusion in your nervous system. 

Until you have the misalignment problem addressed, you will likely have to deal with migraines plus other worst health problems. 

Working With The Best Chiropractor in Oakland

Besides practicing the tips we shared above, you might find it incredibly helpful to seek the assistance of the best chiropractor in Oakland. With specific chiropractic, you can finally resolve the spinal misalignment problem. 

When you seek this procedure, a specific chiropractor such as Dr. Melissa Crago here at Life Chiropractic in Oakland will examine your spine’s structure. We can use different techniques to assess the situation. Furthermore, we customize our approach to provide each patient with maximum benefits, such as receiving specific adjustments that can hold. 

If you haven’t seen results from the procedure or remedies you use to deal with chronic migraines, we highly recommend trying specific chiropractic . It’s a promising approach to healing your body and restoring your brain and brainstem’s vitality. 

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A migraine is a painful condition. It affects the brain and the nerves in the spinal cord and all over the body. An episode has far-reaching effects primarily because the nerves take care of transmitting signals to the brain and commands to the rest of the body. In Oakland CA migraine relief options vary depending on people's preferences.

A Few Facts

Be on The Lookout for These Indicators

Although an attack can be debilitating, it often does not strike unexpectedly. Keeping a watchful eye might help a lot when it comes to dealing with an episode.

  1. Environmental sensitivity

Migraineurs or people diagnosed with migraines tend to display sensitivity towards environmental factors right before a migraine starts. The notable ones include adverse reactions towards the bright light and noisy environments.

A pair of sunglasses and some earbuds might help block these out. Staying in a darkened, quiet room is also ideal if possible.

  1. Mood swings

This is a tricky one for women because this is also a premenstrual symptom. Generally, migraineurs can fluctuate from being happy to moody hours before an onslaught. This might be the brain's reaction to the initial signals delivered by the nerves.

When this happens, stay calm and manage your emotional responses. Doing so will lessen the load of information the brain has to process.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and migraines and other headaches, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

  1. Stiff neck 

Increased muscle tension in the neck area becomes prominent right before an attack. During a migraine episode, the pain is most intense around the head and neck areas.

It might help to gently massage the neck to loosen the muscles and release tension. Try not to apply too much pressure because doing so might hasten the onset of a migraine.

  1. Unexplained cravings

Just like mood swings, this can be a period-related symptom. The experience is the same but is not associated with a woman's monthly cycle.

If you keep a migraine diary and notice this indicator outside of your cycle, then a migraine might be just around the corner.

  1. Onset of fatigue

Feeling tired compounded by the inability to get restful sleep are everyday experiences of people diagnosed with migraines. 

At this point, it is easy to lose your handle on things. Regain control by using mindfulness and relaxation techniques to calm down and try to log restful sleep. According to our chiropractor in Oakland CA migraine relief is possible when you stay in bed and do your best to remain at ease. 

  1. Sinus-related issues

Migraines often trigger issues with the sinuses. The T-zone area feels tender, and the nose seems stuffy. 

Drinking hot beverages might help clear the nasal passages.

  1. The constant urge to pee

The need to urinate so often is a clear indicator that an attack is coming. This might be your body's natural reaction to an impending onslaught.

When this happens, make sure you have your care essentials handy and accessible. Keep the path to your restroom clear of any obstacles so you can quickly relieve yourself without stumbling into something.

  1. Vertigo

When you experience vertigo, then an attack is close. The spinning sensation might make you feel nauseous, so prepare for this possibility as well.

It usually helps to stay in bed when vertigo sets in. Keeping your eyes closed enables you to block out the feeling of imbalance. It might help if you remember that you are lying on your bed and not moving. Reminding yourself of this fact might help calm you down.

  1. Throbbing headache

Pain in your head might start on one side before spreading towards the neck. Some migraineurs initially feel a dull ache, but the intensity can increase quickly. Most people diagnosed with migraines are unable to complete necessary activities when the pain becomes severe. A headache signals that an episode has started.

Up until this point, you should have prepared any migraine medications as well as your care routine. The best way to cope with an onslaught is to stay calm so the brain does not get overpowered with additional signals.

Oakland CA Migraine Relief Through Specific Chiropractic

Migraines are one of the debilitating neurological conditions. Pain medications can significantly help manage the pain and provide immediate relief.

However, it is essential to know that there is another way to achieve relief using a natural approach. A professional providing specific chiropractic care assesses the entire spine for any alignment issues. This is a crucial step since migraines also involve the spinal nerves. Correcting alignment issues may help the brain process information correctly, generating positive results that counter migraines' effects.

At Life Chiropractic, Dr. Melissa Crago uses the latest approach to complete a full assessment that includes the whole spine. She develops customized strategies to address misalignments in these areas.
Dr. Crago believes that specific chiropractic may provide natural relief to the debilitating effects of migraines. If you are looking to improve your way of life naturally, come and see Dr. Crago for an initial evaluation. Please schedule your appointment here, and take that first step towards possible freedom from migraines.

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Our chiropractor for migraine in Oakland CA may help you get the answer. When you think about it, there are many likely factors that may have triggered your headache that lasted for at least three days. The top four possible reasons include:

If you were under the weather, then your body was waging war to ensure your recovery. At that time, your brain was getting signals that certain areas are in pain. It might be possible that there was a mix-up in the interpretation.

Where you were, your comfort level and the perceived gap between what was ideal and what was not may have influenced your prolonged headache.

If you were sick, it is likely you were stressed out. If the environment you were in was less than optimal, then you were probably agitated. Add to this the strain of projecting harmony and bliss, mainly if you had company.

If you think none of the first three applied to you, then consider your lineage. If you remember a relative complaining of headaches during a family affair, it no longer matters which side of the family had more instances of lasting headache. You might have just stumbled upon the possible explanation for your 3-day headache.

Different Types of Headaches

Thanks to every chiropractor for migraine in Oakland CA, headache relief is readily available. However, it helps to learn more about the various kinds of headaches. Knowing a little bit about them may prove helpful in finding the appropriate relief.

A lot of people rely on coffee to start their day. You might want to skip your cup of joe to ward off this headache.

Aptly called as such because these onslaughts seem to adhere to a daily schedule. Blasts regularly occur at specific hours while it runs its course over a few days or even months.

As the name implies, this follows the heels of intense activity. Displaying your prowess can come with such a price, after all.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and migraines and other headaches, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.


Painting the town red is fun but dealing with the bender is not as exciting. Make sure to hydrate to shake off this pain. Next time you go out with your buddies, know that this kind can persist for three days or so.

Regardless if the blow was playful or intentional, this kind of headache could be mild or worrisome. If a person starts to vomit, become confused, or lose consciousness, emergency attention is required.

An interesting type which occurs while a person is sleeping. The pain jolts the person to wake up. This might be an indicator of some underlying medical conditions, so a medical check-up is recommended.

Pain medication can provide relief. However, some people may have developed a sensitivity to the amount of medicine they have been consuming, which led to medication-overuse headaches (MOH). Your healthcare professional might reassess your current dosage.

Considered as a pre-menstrual symptom, many women might opt out of the warning if they can be free of this pain. Changes in a woman’s hormone levels can induce a menstrual migraine.

This is not your usual headache since a migraine can be intense and recur frequently. A person puts up with persistent pounding pain on one side of his head. A migraine episode lasts for several days. In most cases, it can be severe enough to affect a person’s activities adversely.

This is often caused by sinusitis. Your sinuses puff up due to the inflammation. As a result, you feel pain around your eyes, nose, forehead, and upper and lower cheeks.

A general feeling of tightness in one’s head is often a good indicator. A person is likely to feel ache on each side of his head. Overworking yourself or missing a few meals can eventually lead to a tension headache.

This kind of headache takes the crown as the most terrible type. The pain can be sudden and excruciating. It may also indicate a life-threatening situation, so it is best to have yourself checked.

How Do You Make the Headaches Go Away?

There is a plethora of ways to achieve reprieve from headaches. When you consult a specific chiropractor for migraine in Oakland CA, relief might be possible. If you would like to do things on your own, these are some steps you can take now:

Know your limit when it comes to your coffee and alcohol consumption. Reaching out for that extra cup or additional bottle might not be the best decision.

If working out does not put you off, then go for it. If you want to take it easy, then set your alarm clock to take multiple breaks throughout the day. You can stand up, stretch, check your yard, or refill your water bottle. Whatever it is you do, move a bit to loosen up your body.

No need to go on the diet train. Eat a well-balanced meal that is savory and filling. No need to deprive yourself because doing so might induce a headache. However, do try to eat nutritious food on time and avoid skipping meals.

Napping is good for babies but not necessarily for adults. Strive to get at least 6 -8 hours of sleep. If new sheets and more ergonomic pillows help, then go ahead and buy them.

Work with your healthcare professionals. They can come up with the appropriate plan for you.

Achieving Lasting Headache or Migraine Relief

While many people see a chiropractor for migraine in Oakland CA, headache is not just the reason. A chiropractor is a professional that pays attention to a person’s spinal alignment and its effects on the body.

When a person meets with a specific chiropractor, a full evaluation of the spine is completed. This helps determine if the body is misaligned and if there are opportunities to correct its current structure. The body uses the spinal cord as its highway to communicate with the brain. If a section or so is awry, then misinterpretation of the signals is a possibility. Headache and a host of other aches can set in when this happens.

Specific chiropractors have been helping a lot of people manage their headaches, so their daily activities are not negatively affected. Schedule your assessment session with Dr. Melissa Crago. You will definitely be empowered with how to manage your headaches or migraines when you do so.

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Every Oakland chiropractor sees a rising trend of severe headaches among minors, especially among teens who spend hours playing video games or using gadgets. While there is no solid proof of association between gaming or gadget use and their headaches, there may be clues as to why they have head pain.

In fact, an article from the Harvard Medical School tackled precisely this concern. The report dealt with the reality that children and other minors do experience headaches. Some actually experience migraines and other symptoms associated with that condition. The common thing about children or minors who experienced head pain is their screen time.

The glare of the video game or gadget can be a trigger for migraines. Add to their hours of screen time is the extra pressure of working on their school requirements. Many kids say they get tension headaches from all the school work that they need to finish.

Later, let’s deal with the more vital information: how to help minors who experience tension headaches and migraines. Before that, let’s go over some of the basic facts about migraines.

Migraine Symptoms

Some of the most common migraine symptoms are:

While people may experience other symptoms, these are among the most common occurrences for people with migraines.  Interestingly, sensitivity to light and sounds may be among the reasons why minors who use gadgets for long periods experience tension headaches or migraines.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and migraines and other headaches, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

minors, Oakland chiropractor

Known Causes of Migraines

Many research programs are still underway to unravel the real source or cause of migraines. At present, these are the acknowledged possible sources of this painful condition:

Types of Migraines

Children and teens who suffer from migraines usually are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed during the early stages. The reason for this is that symptoms do vary depending on the type of migraine. There are two main types of migraines: without aura and with aura. Every Oakland chiropractor deals with both migraine types. Let’s go over a few characteristics of these migraines.

1. Migraine without Aura

Also known as the Common Migraine, a migraine without aura has the following characteristics and symptoms:

2. Migraine with Aura

Health experts refer to it as a complicated migraine or hemiplegic migraine. This condition affects at least 25 percent of all migraineurs.  It has several symptoms, such as:

3 Coping Methods for Migraines

Now, let’s take a lot of three ways to help children and teens minimize or manage their migraine attacks, as advised by our Oakland chiropractor. Here are three strategies or methods to help them cope with this painful condition:

1.  Mild Pain Relievers

At the start, especially for very young children, dealing with a headache can be a source of panic for a parent or adult guardian. Some young kids do not yet know how to describe their pain. The strategy to help very young children is to embrace them, pay attention to what they say, and give them a sense of security. For teens, they may be given mild pain medications prescribed by a certified health care provider or your family physician. 

While taking medications may not be the best option, especially for those who have suffered from migraines for a long time, it may be the most immediate and necessary intervention. However, always make sure that the medications are safe, trusted, and prescribed. Avoid self-medication.

2.  Slow Breathing and Meditation

For millennia, slow and meditative breathing has been used effectively for stress and pain management. As young as they are, children and teens can take up the practice and learn to control their breath. Plenty of studies have shown the health benefits of breathwork on coping with pain and promoting one’s overall health.

3.  Chiropractic Care

Specific chiropractic is a safe and natural way to deal with pain due to migraines. Studies show that some cases of migraines are actually due to structural alignment problems in the spine. 

Pain relief is experienced when a specific chiropractor performs manual movements or adjustments to a person’s spine from top to bottom (neck to lower back).  The precise adjustments restore the bones’ alignment to their proper place and angle.  

When the spine is aligned, the blood flow and cerebrospinal fluid flow to and from the brain is smooth and unimpeded. This makes a person who suffers from migraines get some relief and restore their mobility and good health.For more information about specific chiropractic and how it helps people with migraines, please consult with our Oakland chiropractor here at Life Chiropractic, or fill out our contact form.

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