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Surviving the Holidays With Ease

The Holiday's can be stressful times; full of travel and family and rich foods. Chiropractic adjustments help your body adapt to the stresses of life with more ease, and they also boost your immune system. Give yourself the gift of an adjustment and stay healthy this season!

Here are some other ways to keep you going through the Holidays:

Check out these lovely ladies for some digestive ease:

Honeycomb Acupuncture tip: there are some nice Chinese herbs to take that can help soothe your system and aid digestion of rich and foods that we don't normally eat all the time. Interested talk to Camille.

New Dawn Wellness: Maybe you've been eating healthy this year, but find it hard to continue during the holidays...leaving you to clean up the mess on Jan. 1. Or you have food sensitivities and find it hard to stay away from foods your body doesn't like during the holidays...leaving you to experience the holidays in a sluggish fog because you don't feel well.

Let's do the holidays differently this year. There is a way to enjoy the holidays and be healthy - find out how with nutritionist Dawn Preisendorf on Nov. 17th in Oakland

Here are some fun fitness ideas for you to try out.....

Remedy Barre and Foam Rolling Pop-ups: Sunday mornings in Nov and Dec

Muay Thai Boxing or Boot Camps @ Kinesthetic Exercise Science

Mindful Whole Person Running

The Pilates Parlor

Weekly FB Live Health Talks; Thurs 7pm

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