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<p>Miracle Brought By Specific Chiropractic Care at Life Chiropractic</p>
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Miracle Brought By Specific Chiropractic Care at Life Chiropractic

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<p>Woman Shares About Specific Chiropractic Care at Life Chiropractic</p>
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Woman Shares About Specific Chiropractic Care at Life Chiropractic

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<p>Guy Shares in Arabic How He Highly Recommends Specific Chiropractic Care</p>
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Guy Shares in Arabic How He Highly Recommends Specific Chiropractic Care

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<p>Specific Chiropractic As Effective Neck Pain Relief</p>
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Specific Chiropractic As Effective Neck Pain Relief

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<p>Gooseneck Gone Following Care at Life Chiropractic</p>
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Gooseneck Gone Following Care at Life Chiropractic

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<p>Senior Dating at Life Chiropractic</p>
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Senior Dating at Life Chiropractic

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Getting to the root cause - 20yrs of neck pain gone
I can breathe and smell again
Amazing how much I can walk without my back hurting
I don't have shoulder pain anymore
Chiropractic makes a Difference
34th Anniversary - # seniordating at the chiropractor
I feel straighter, taller and calmer
Dizziness and Back Pain
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10 years of Undefined Facial Pain and Sciatica Gone!
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Within five minutes his agitated demeanor changed
Dr. Melissa is amazing at what she does! Her gentle and calming nature made both myself and our child feel at peace. Our Sully was very Uncomfortable and agitated due to the cutting of his new teeth and with Dr. Melissa’s cranial work followed by an adjustment within five minutes his agitated demeanor changed and he pooped + a little later took a long nap! (yAY!!)

So thankful our eyes have been opened to chiropractic care! To this day all of our kids are still under consistent chiropractic care!
Within two months, the pain was gone
I began seeing Melissa last year for shoulder/neck issues. I had seen several Chiropractors, spent thousands of dollars, literally, with no relief. I was told that shoulder issues usually take about 6 months to heal. Within 6 visits my shoulders felt so much better. Within two months, the pain was gone. It's a recurring issue and I do have to go in for tune ups, but to be able to turn at night without waking up in pain, to be able to reach for something without stopping mid-way, is fantastic. Carol, at the front desk is wonderful. Melissa is a blessing, and I can honestly say that I have never written that about any practitioner before.
Getting my head back on straight...literally
Dr. Melissa is fantastic. Her care has been integral in me getting my head back on straight...literally... as well as helping my body stay mobile and aligned. I've also used Dr. Melissa cranial facial release services and I cannot recommend it enough! Feels like I can breathe more oxygen into my brain every time I leave - thanks Doc!
Started feeling benefits right away
I wasn't really sold on chiropractic work until working with Dr. Melissa. She is so thorough with her initial exam and knowledgable that I feel completely confident with her and started feeling benefits right away (better sleep). Her office always smells really nice and Carol at the front desk is a doll! Always a great experience popping in to see these ladies!
Now my mom begs to get adjusted because she feels so safe at Life Chiropractic
I have been seeing Dr. Melissa for years. When we began treatment I was dealing with chronic pain and miss alignment. After some x rays and a few apts I was already feeling a positive change. I love her cozy office and friendly staff. She is very insightful and offers me home exercises and tips to keep my spin healthy. Dr. Melissa is authentic and has tons of experience in her field. I even brought my mom who is often reluctant to care. Now my mom begs to get adjusted because she feels so safe at Life Chiropractic. I highly recommend this to anyone in pain or just in need of minor adjustments for balance.
I trust her with my whole family
Dr. Melissa treated my husband and I for the past 2 years. She is AMAZING!! I've relocated away a few months ago from the Bay Area and miss her tremendously! Two years ago I was training for 2 half marathons and was having severe hip pain. It was by random that I came across a booth at my gym where they were giving free consultations with a chiropractor. After a quick consultation, Dr. Melissa invited me to see her at her office. I was hesitant at first because I'm cheap and was hoping my hip would heal itself....But I realized nothing is more important than my own health and wellbeing so I went. It was hands down best decision I ever made. Not only did Dr. Melissa see me through two half marathons, but also a car accident and pregnancy. She helped me with my sciatica pain, hip bursitis, whiplash, and a bunch of aches and pain from pregnancy. After my baby was born she even worked on my new born baby (it was like a gentle massage). I trust her with my whole family. My husband used to get severe back pains for the extent of a full month at least once a year that would put him out of commission. Since seeing Dr. Melissa he hasn't had any reoccurring back issues. Dr Melissa always knew my problem areas simply by touch before I even told her. She's really great at what she does. Her adjustments are quick and effective. I've had adjustments by others before but none are comparable to hers.

In addition, she also offers free classes at her office...one that I took advantage of was the foam rolling class. I wish I had made time to attend more. The rest of the staff are super kind and friendly, Carol & Joy. My husband and I used to always look forward to our weekly visits. Did I mention how much we miss them? I highly recommend Life Chiropractic and Dr. Melissa. 5 stars and 2 thumbs up!

These days all I can think of is when I may schedule an adjustment with Dr.Melissa for the next time I visit Oakland.
Dr. Melissa changed my life and I am forever grateful!
Dr. Melissa changed my life and I am forever grateful!

I have dealt with vertigo-like symptoms since 2008 and my "episodes" can last up to several weeks with non-stop dysequilibrium (I feel like I'm on a boat 24/7). I don't have traditional vertigo so none of those treatments/meds/etc have helped. I have tried all kinds of things over the years and then I met Dr. Melissa. In my first visit with her I was in the middle of an episode. I had nasal ballooning done and I had relief that lasted the rest of that day and into the next one. As we completed the series I was dizziness-free for longer and longer periods of time until I was basically normal. The treatments are intense and worth it since they work! I've now gotten the full series a few times and am pretty stable; I just go in for a tune-up as needed. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Melissa and the ballooning treatments. :)

It is our pleasure and honor to help!
Not only has she helped me with back pain, she has also supported me with knee pain, tightness in my
Dr. Melissa has helped me with a nagging lower back pain I've had for the past few years. I can't believe I've waited this long! My initial evaluation was very thorough and I immediately felt comfortable in her care. I've been seeing her for a few months and I can feel the difference all over. Not only has she helped me with back pain, she has also supported me with knee pain, tightness in my shoulders, and jaw issues! I'm so thankful she was recommended to me. I highly suggest you pay a visit to the office and meet Dr. Melissa in person.

Thank you Kate!
Wellness starts with "we" and "I" is the lonely letter in illness
Dr Melissa is a powerful healer with her grounded and gently-firm approach to Chiropractic care. I have been seeing her for nearly four years, at least every other week as part of my care plan for treating the symptoms of Endometriosis. In addition to seeing her myself, I have recommended her to a number of other people who are now seeing Dr. Melissa regularly so the ripple effect of her care for her clients is having a remarkable impact on the healthful lives of many people! I am honored to recommend Dr. Melissa to become part of your care team for both preventative wellness and the treatments of a variety of symptoms you may be experiencing. If you share your situation with Dr. Melissa, not only can she help you with her caring hands of an experienced and gifted professional and healer but she also may have additional healers to recommend to you on your journey. I like to remember that wellness starts with "we" and "I" is the lonely letter in illness. Come visit Dr. Melissa in her relaxing office with the addition of her welcoming office staff to add to the "we" in your wellness! ~ Carly McLane #LoveLife #Oaklandlifechiro #GivingThanks

Thank you for this beautiful review Carly-

Yes we love to be a part of the We in your Wellness.
My knees started getting better right away!
This is the first time I ever tried a chiropractor and I have to admit I was very skeptical. My knees were bothering me so much I couldn't run around like normal when I played tennis. I went to the doctor and went to physical therapy with no improvement. I tried another round of physical therapy three months later and again they weren't getting better. It was so frustrating not being able to play and a friend recommended Life Chiropractic. I was ready to try anything and long story short, they are wonderful. Dr. Melissa really cares about her patients, my knees started getting better right away, the office workers are great, they always accommodate my schedule, and best of all I can play tennis like I used to. Now I go in for maintenance and am so happy I found them because I wouldn't be playing tennis without them.

- Terri C
None of those jobs jacked up my neck as much as having twins
Thank you Dr. Melissa!! I have worked physically demanding jobs my whole adult life - a server, a dancer and dance teacher, and then a chef - and have suffered from chronic shoulder and neck stiffness as a result. But none of those jobs jacked up my neck as much as having twins. Carrying those little guys around for two years finally took its toll this Christmas when I woke up with the stiff neck to beat all other stiff necks, pain radiating down my right arm, waking up in the night because of discomfort. Usually my neck relaxes after a few days but this one just wouldn't quit, so after a month of pain I decided to bite the bullet and seek treatment. I am SO GRATEFUL that I did, because Melissa fixed me up. I felt relief almost immediately, and after four or five visits my neck and shoulders feel better than they have in years. She also made the connection between my increasing migraines and my neck issues which I can't believe I hadn't figured out myself, duh. The adjustments only take a few minutes but they make a world of difference. It feels like such a luxury to be able to turn my head again!

I also want to mention that both Melissa and her staff are extremely nice with children in the office. I had to bring my active and inquisitive twin toddlers into the office for a few of my appointments, which made me really nervous, but they have books and toys and everyone was very warm toward them. I was able to completely relax during the adjustment even though my kids were on the loose, which is saying something. She also offers Saturday appointments which means I can leave my kids at home, even better :)

-Amy D
You Name it - She can fix it!
You name it- she can fix it.

Seriously! Dr. Melissa makes me start believing in magic.

I went to see her on a chance advice and a faint hope for an improvement. But dealing with escalating pain from multiple injuries I had little choice but give it a try. My skepticism was shattered on the very first visit' adjustment. The procedure was quick and seamed to work like a magic.

After a month of visits I have great relief and my arm back in action. I'm now hooked and optimistic to be able to control my old injuries in the long run.

Thank you to Dr. Melissa and the whole team at Life Chiropractic!

Eliminating My Headaches
Dr. Melissa is more than just a chiropractor. She cares about your general well being as well as providing me relief for my aching back. One of the many results I received from my care was eliminating my headaches. I have never had headaches in the past, but was starting to have headaches more often which was limiting my ability to be at my best. Shortly after starting treatments my headaches were gone. Dr. Melissa also helped me with eliminating my lower back pain and also showed me various stretches so that I could improve my mobility.

An extra shout out for the amazing office environment. I received warm greetings and service from the staff and felt a lot of positive vibes in the office.

I would highly recommend Dr. Melissa to anybody that wants to relieve their pain!

Thanks -B.J.K.
Neck and Back Pain
I went to Dr Crago for neck and back pain and I was amazed at how much better I felt after working with her. I highly recommend her. She is an extremely good and gentle chiropractor and a very caring and warm person. In fact, everyone working in the office is fantastic, warm and very helpful. - Karen
Tight Neck and Shoulders
Dr. Melissa is AMAZING! I'm an aerialist who has frequent trouble with my very tight neck and shoulders, and Dr. Crago is always able to quickly pinpoint where I've gone out of alignment and fix it perfectly. I'm frequently amazed by her knowledge of the human body. - Martha
Pain was gone!
Dr. Crago is my go to specialist when I feel a little off in my steps. She was vital with my recovery process after ACL surgery. She's even helped my Dad out!! He was having back problems for months before seeing her and in one session, pain was gone.
Caring on multiple levels and knowledgable beyond her years, Melissa and Life Chiropractic can help
We've all got issues. Some we protect, some we fear, and others we wish to move past.

Do you want to feel better, or do you wish to heal?

Are you looking to relieve symptoms of pain and suffering, or do you wish to understand and release the problem at it's roots?

If you've answered yes to any of the above, Life Chiropractic is an important part of your journey.

Before Melissa understands, she listens. As she listens, she learns. As she learns, she practices. As she practices, you heal. Caring on multiple levels and knowledgable beyond her years, Melissa and Life Chiropractic can help you feel better.

All you need to do is show up. This is more than primary care, this is total compassion with ongoing sensitivity.

Plus, for all y'all who care, she's an amazing person in general-- the perfect compliment to her skillful capabilities.

--Daniel S (amazing picture by Kadri Kurgen)
We Love Our Chiropractor!
Amazing. So helpful and such a generous service. I highly recommend!

I am a professional dancer and started going regularly due to severe pain in my knee (Yes, chiropractic is not just for your back and neck!). It is so helpful! I always feel so much better right after getting adjusted and feel more ready to dance.

Both doctors are amazing.
Dr Melissa is AWESOME!
Dr. Melissa is AWESOME! She is knowledgeable and very gentle. Her office environment is warm and relaxing.

I do a lot of work in front the computer and also spend hours at a time in the car. Getting regular adjustments from Dr. Melissa helps with my back pain and also migraines.

I recently attended her February Patient Appreciation Day where you could get a free massage, nutrition counseling and also acupressure. It was a really nice event and the practitioners there were professional and provided great information.

I highly recommend Dr. Melissa and Life Chiropractic to anyone looking for Chiropractor!!
Wrist Tendonitis and Pain
"I have a 2-year sports injury and 6-year wrist pain and was feeling pretty discouraged about recovering from those as I had tried physical therapy, massage therapy, and acupuncture previously, but these only provided temporary relief when done on their own. I stopped exercising also because I was afraid of the pain getting worse. I had doubts about chiropractic (partly because I was ill-informed about it); however, Dr. Amy worked patiently with me and figured out the best kinds of adjustments I needed to get to the root of the problem and be on the recovery road. My wrist doesn't bother me as much anymore and I can run and play sports now with more confidence. Amy's always encouraging and very knowledgeable, addressing my millions of questions and concerns. I'm thankful to have her as my chiropractor for the past year and would definitely recommend her!" Irene

"I had tendonitis on my wrist for a year and had a hard time working. I've seen other chiropractors, but the pain didn't seem to go away. Then I saw Dr. Amy and within a month, the pain went away! She's very knowledgeable and confident, so you feel hopeful. She adjusts you at your comfort level, not too aggressive and not too gentle." Elaine
Stronger and More Balanced
I am stronger and more balanced. I have freer range of movement that allows me to enjoy the activites that I love (like going upside down). All this I get from regular chiropractic care!!
Mindfulness and Perfect Health
When I first came into the room here, I felt pure love and warmth from everyone! I immediately felt taken care of and it has been that way ever since... Dr Melissa's attentive touch helps bring mindfulness and perfect health into my life every time I visit.
They really gave me my body back!
After a period of serious physical inactivity in my 30s (thanks to grad school and early parenting), I took up a practice of Capoeira, the Brazilian martial art, just before turning 40. My body was not used to the demands and strains that Capoeira placed on it, and although I was having a great time and doing my best to train safely and within reasonable limits, after about two years I found myself in a bad way: near constant pain in my left hip, sometimes bad enough to keep me awake at night, and certainly bad enough to interfere with my training and with my enjoyment not only of Capoeira but of pretty much any activity. Melissa Crago invited me to make an appointment with her, and after one adjustment — no kidding — the pain in my hip was significantly reduced. After a few weeks it was gone completely, and after about six months of regular visits with Dr. Melissa and Dr. Brett, not only is my hip working great, but the rest of my body feels better than it ever has. I discovered that the problem in my hip was masking pain and soreness that I was feeling in a lot of places — and all that has been resolved. I regularly train three times a week; my recovery times are much shorter, and I experience notieceably increased flexibility, endurance, and strength in my body. I’m grateful to Melissa and Brett for their care and treatment – they really gave me my body back! - Steven Hassett
High Performance Mode
I want to commend Dr. Melissa Crago for her professionalism and chiropractic treatments. As a practitioner of Capoeira, I am placing my body in constant high performance mode. I met with an unfortunate injury that has left my cervical spine in chronic pain. During the time that Dr. Crago gave me chiropractic adjustments, she displayed excellent professionalism, care, and knowledge of the treatment. As a result, I feel much better with my neck. I am grateful that this treatment has allowed me to participate in our annual Capoeira event, and I would recommend her to anyone who is placing their body in high performance mode. Thank you Dr. Crago!

Sincerely, Jae Shin
After my very first treatment, most of the pain I had been experiencing for two years disappeared!
When I returned to Berkeley a few months ago, I began a search for good chiropractic care. I was experiencing constant and changing pain following a badly fractured neck and subsequent surgery to install a metal plate-and-screws. I was fortunate not have been paralyzed, but my days and nights were quite a challenge. I am in my sixties, and several of my friends recommended various chiropractors they knew who all had many years of experience. But when I met Dr. Melissa Crago of Source Chiropractic in Oakland, my intuition told me she might be the physician I was looking for. My friends were a bit skeptical when they learned of her relative youth. However, after my very first treatment, most of the pain I had been experiencing for two years disappeared. After several weeks of treatment, I now feel much better. And it’s not just my neck that has improved – my lower back and knees are doing better too, and there has been a significant improvement in my general outlook. Dr. Crago has a wide and deep knowledge of the human body and her knowledge is made all the more useful by her strong intuition and the natural healing touch with which she is gifted. Thus, I find myself surprised to say that after only a few weeks, I can recommend her to you without any reservations. - Hillel Natanson

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